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Time Is Flying Right By

Hard to believe that Halloween will be here soon, I’m so sad to see the summer come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, the fall weather will be a welcomed change of pace from all of the extreme heat we have had to deal with this summer, but with the coming of fall means that winter is right around the corner and I just hate the winter. Besides the cold weather and the snow and everything that goes along with all of that, it also means that Christmas will be here before we know it. Funny how when we are kids it seemed that Christmas never got here quick enough and when we get older it seems to get here quicker and quicker with each coming year.

Anyways, this year I really want to buy a new Halloween costume so I have been looking around on the Internet to see what I  can come up with before all the good Sexy Halloween Costumes are sold out. Check out this cool looking Lady Gaga Born This Way Costume that I found, not sure if I could pull it off though. I find it interesting that there are so many celebrity costumes out there this year. I see that they even have costumes of the Jersey Shore cast, now who would have thought?

Pedal Steel and Lap Steel Guitars

Coming from such a large and spread out musical family I am finding that musicians friends website is a great place to research all types of musical products that I can check out and purchase for the members of this talented family as gifts for all of the holidays that require some type of present.

I have always been curious about the musical instrument that is called a Lap Steel Guitar/Pedal Steel Guitar which I mainly see being played by (but not limited to) country music artists. I learned today that these type of guitars originated in Hawaii as well as country music in the United States. Some of the famous steel guitar players, that they listed include Jerry Byrd, Speedy West and Pete Drake.

While I was cruising around musicians friends website earlier today I looked at their selection of Pedal and Lap Steel Guitars which some have two or possibly three necks which looks so intimidating to someone like me who can’t play a single note on any type of instrument, nor can I sing, but I can tell you what I can out dance just about anyone I know so I don’t feel so left out when the family starts talking about music during most of the holiday celebrations that we try so hard to attend when we can manage it.

guitar, stand and bag

Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag


“Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid tastes great, wish we had some, can’t wait!” Do you remember that song from the Kool-Aid commercials. I love Kool-Aid, always have and always will. I get harassed sometimes by people when they find out that I am a Kool-Aid fanatic. Most folks love their soda or iced tea, not me – I have to have my Kool-Aid, and it has to be red. I don’t like any of the flavors that they have come out with recently, I have given them a try, but the cherry and the black cherry are my favorites and the fruit punch isn’t bad either if they do not have any cherry flavors for what ever reason.

I even looked to see if there was a Kool-Aid website and was delighted to find that there is one, it is called KoolSpace and it helped me find what stores locally that I could find my favorite flavors at, I was hoping for some coupons or something, which I didn’t find, but that is O.K, it is so cheap that I don’t mind paying full price for it.

Love My Kool Aid

Kool Aid, Kool Aid, Tastes Great.    Wish We Had Some, Can’t Wait!


Before I Know It, It’s Gone

I love all the wacky ideas that people come up with for the Cake Boss to try and make an edible cake reality. The Cake Boss has gotten my attention these past couple of months and I really enjoy watching this man and his very large Italian family run the family bakery and churn out some of the most fantastic cakes I’ve ever seen.

DC Cupcakes is another TV show that TLC has come up with, but seems to have disappeared but I’m hoping it comes back for another season. I hate it when I finally find a show that I really like and before I know it, it is gone.

for the love of cake

Cakes On TV

Watching TV Online

I have always known that there is so much more available on the computer along with the Internet than I will ever know or understand, and I do try to learn as much as I possibly can, when I can. I’ve heard for some time now that you can watch tv online, but I’ve never really learned that much about it. I don’t watch tv all that much, there isn’t all that much out there that I enjoy watching, but I’ve always thought it would be pretty cool to have the option of online tv.

I stumbled onto a really cool website from Clicker, which is a guide to tv shows on the Internet. Clicker has just integrated with Facebook with the hopes of being more personalized by highlighting the tv shows that the user’s “friends” like to watch, which is a pretty cool concept. Facebook is changing all types of things these days. Funny but I very rarely hear anything about My Space anymore. Facebook has taken over in a big way and I wonder what all it will offer their users in the next couple of years.

For more information about clicker and what they are all about I would urge you to take a look at their website as well as the article from the N.Y. Times.