California Fire Issues

It is getting to be that every year California makes the head lines with their major fires. It always breaks my heart to hear of the loss of life and the loss of dozens of homes each year. Most of the time it is found to be work of an arsonists, that really bites! Sometimes I wonder if there will be anything left of California after a few more years of this nonsense.

no end in sight

Never Ending California Wild Fires


Who Let The Dogs Out

It doesn’t make any sense to me to allow a dog to roam free in the neighborhood. I have two neighbors that think that just because we live “out in the country” that it is acceptable to let their dogs out at any given minute. One afternoon I was walking my two dogs and one of the neighbors dog came running up to us and got into it with both of my dogs. It was very scary and not something that I want to deal with again if I can help it. I have talked with both neighbors about this issue and they just don’t seem to get the message.

Unfortunately today as I was coming home from work, one of the neighbors dog ran out into the yard. Just shot out of seemingly nowhere. I slammed on my brakes, but I still managed to hit the darned thing. Of course the neighbor came running out screaming her fool head off at me, like I didn’t feel bad enough right at that moment. I told the neighbor that I was terribly sorry and to please let me know what the vet says. I hope the poor creature makes it through the night. The whole ordeal has left me feeling very unsettled.

not a good idea

Dog Out Running Wild

Girls = Drama

I have had my fill with the stupid girls. You know the ones, the girls that live their miserable lives to suck other people into their misery. You know I use to spend a lot of time talking and listening to girls that are having problems. Then I realized something that mom said a long time ago is true most of the time; people who need advice won’t™t take it, and people who take advice usually don’t need it.

I’ve seen so many girls get caught up in petty drama, and then just keep feeding it. I’ve seen so many girls push themselves into more and more drama in relationships, in work environments, at school and just about everywhere. I am not talking about all women here, and I am not sure if men do this as much, maybe they do, I just don’t know.

My own experiences have been with girls that have the answers right in front of their eyes, sometimes the thing to do is leave a bad relationship, sometimes it’s best to just drop it and move on. I know they can see what is needed, they just won’t acknowledge it for some silly reason. So many times I have spent time listening to women who really do know the answer, they often even express that very thing, but they just keep right on feeding the drama anyway rather then moving on to more positive situations.

girls and dramam

All In The Day f Drama

Traveling For Work

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

My husband and I have been married for six years and since we got married, he has had three different jobs. He started out as a physical therapy tech. He originally wanted to be a physical therapist, but realized that he would have to go to school for many more years in order to get his doctorate degree. He then got a job at a computer sales company for a few years. He never really liked his job there, but the money was pretty good so he stuck with it until he found his current job.

He now works for a medical company in sales. He loves what he does, but he has to travel pretty frequently. When he accepted the position, he told me that he thought we should get a home security system because he would be leaving me at home alone when he travels. We searched ADT Security Skan Falls online and found a security system pretty quickly. Now I feel safer when he is away. I am glad he enjoys what he does, but I miss him when he is away on business. I am glad that he is at least home on most weekends.

Trade Show – First Timer

I went to my first Trade Show with Traci, one of my girls, yesterday afternoon. I have heard about these gatherings of merchants that have come together to promote their businesses, products and/or services but I really had no idea what to expect so I’m glad that I finally had the opportunity to attend one, it was fun and I met some really interesting people and I came back with a bag full of some pretty cool samples and freebies that most booths had for people to take home with them, like the patriotic promotional items at PenFactory that I’ve heard so much about.

We ended up going to this particular Trade Show because Traci is interested in starting up her own mail and packaging store. She was told that there would be other mail and packaging store owners there promoting their stores so she wanted the chance to see what they are all about and be able to “network” with them along with other dozens of other folks that were there for the same reason.

Since this was my first Trade Show I really didn’t know what to expect and I was surprised how big this event was and how much is put into an event such as this. Some of the exhibits were pretty simple, with just a table or two piled high with products and literature holders over flowing with information in order to promote their business, while the majority of booths were all decked out with a nice logo canopy, logo mats and even some nice customized trade show flooring that really made their assigned spaces look so professional and welcoming.

A lot of thought and work were put into those exhibits, those folks must have gotten there pretty early that morning in order to get everything all set up and ready to go for the day and then after a long day of talking with people these folks had to pack everything up and get it all out of there. I’ll bet there was some tired puppies at the end of the day, I can only imagine how heavy some of that trade show carpet was to cart out of there, I’ve carried a good amount of carpet before and it isn’t an easy task.