Diet Update

Well folks, I’ve been eating a bowl of Special K with strawberries every morning for breakfast. This diet has been going on for 7 days. I stood on the bathroom scale this morning and see that I weigh exactly the same as I did a week ago. That’s pretty disheartening. I’ve given up my nightly bowl of ice cream and have had salad for lunch twice. And not one pound lost yet.¬† *Sigh*

my enemy

The Bathroom Scale

Bean Bag Sofa Lounger Sits Three

If you are interested in a cool seating alternative you might want to go online at the Soothing Company’s website and look¬†here for bean bag sofa lounger options that might surprise and/or impress you. I have always loved bean bag chairs and the like, but not all bean bag furniture is comfortable. I’ve seen tons of bean bag chairs and a few sofas and I know a good one when I see one. To find one that could actually seat 3 is incredible.

The Soothing Company has a lot of cool products that I have enjoyed looking at and wanted to pass it along here for others who might be interested in fashion and comfort.

Bean Bag Sofa Lounge

Bean Bag Sofa

My Money Pit

Well it seems that I am in need of a good brake job on my Chevrolet Silverado. The fun never seems to end with this vehicle. If it isn’t one thing it is another and another and another. Talk about a “money pit” this piece of American made metal and steel is keeping me in debt, big time.

I have several credit cards to various auto repair shops in the area, but they are all maxed out right now. So I went online to see if I could find a different auto repair shop and found a great website that allowed me to enter all of the pertinent information about my location, my needs, etc. etc. etc. It led me to a shop that I didn’t even know existed, which threw me for a loop. Just when you think you know it all the Internet comes along and shows you the way. Now how awesome is that?

chevy silverado emblem

Chevrolet Silverado

4th of July in The High Heat

We ventured down into the city to watch the fireworks. It was a very hot day and it didn’t cool down much by the time the fireworks were scheduled to start going off, but we made it through it the evening without suffering from a heat stroke. The fireworks went off without a hitch, although the next day’s news programs were full of stories of fireworks mishaps from all over the country. That is scary.


Beautiful Firework Display

Rainy Nights

It’s raining again tonight. It seems like we have had rain part of every day or every night for the past week. It’s depressing, but I tell myself that the ground needs the water. Some parts of the country have terrible problems with drought during the summer and I hope we never have to deal with that. The spring rains are our promise of plenty of water later this summer.

I have a girlfriend who moved out to Colorado with her husband and daughter about 10 years ago. She posts on Facebook quite a bit, and I remember her writing on Facebook about the wildfires that they had in Colorado last year. She is hoping that all the snow they had this year will head off the kind of drought they suffered last year, which contributed to the risk of fires breaking out all over the state.

Since I live a rural area with a lot of trees, I can understand the terror of dealing with all the trees around you possibly catching on fire. Not only do you risk having your house and everything in it destroyed by fire, but you have to deal with horrible smoke – making it hard to breathe and see. I really hope that I never have to deal with the threat of fire up here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I really don’t know what I would do or where I could go if I was told to evacuate my home and just take what I can carry with me.

So, I’ll deal with these rainy nights and will be glad to see the sun shine and better days.