A True Musician’s Friend Online

October 19th, 2014

The best site ever for anything related to music can be found at www.musiciansfriend.com. Coming from a large family that had a lot of musical talents inter-weaved into it a good knowledgeable, trusting and affordable music site can be a huge blessing. Right now I am buckling down and getting my mind set on getting some holiday gifts researched and ordered online. I hope that this Christmas will be as nice as it was last year. I know asking for two nice holiday seasons in a row sounds like a lot with all of my dysfunctional friends and family, but stranger things have been known to happen.


October 15th, 2014

The massive amount of money that is spent trying to come up with the perfect logo is mind boggling. Not only does this take a lot of money but a lot of time and effort as well. All for the sake of a little picture that people will hopefully relate to and remember for years to come.

I remember when Nationwide Insurance (my insurance company) came out with their new and improved logo, which is an empty blue box:

Nationwide Insurance logo

New Nationwide Insurance Logo

Personally I enjoyed the former logo (pictured below) which most of you know was an eagle. It makes no sense to me to have wasted all that money on an empty box, especially since the eagle is such an important bird for the U.S.A and worked so well for so long. What a waste!

Nationwide Former Logo

Nationwide Insurance Eagle Logo

Drum Sticks Bag

October 11th, 2014

Honestly I think any type of Stick & Mallet Cases & Gig Bags would be a great Christmas gift idea. A drum stick bag is very affordable and when you find a good sale on them, along with free shipping and handling, you just can’t go wrong. This particular Meinl deluxe drum stick bag is under $50.

One Christmas gift I can place a check mark after.

bags for your sticks

Meinl Deluxe Stick Bag

My Not-So-Secret Hobby

October 5th, 2014

Here’s a fun fact: By day, I work as an accountant. But by night? I moonlight as a hairdresser. Allow me to explain. Ever since we got married, my husband’s had me cut his hair. One, he’s very cheap and likes to pinch pennies whenever he can. He also trust me with his hair and, as he says, “If it comes out looking funky, you’re the one that’ll have to look at it!”

So anyway, after a few months of giving him a shape-up every now and then, I found myself really liking what I was doing. I started experimenting with different cuts and styles (but very slightly so he didn’t feel like a science project) and ended up investing in some great tools, like professional hair cutting scissors and this great razor comb to help make the cuts more quality. Then, I got brave and started trimming my own ends, and then my friend’s hair, and so on. It’s like my own private business, just goes to show you that you can always do what you love, and still find ways to pay the bills. I’ve contemplated taking my business pro one day, but that’d involve one serious home pro improvement venture!

The Flower That Shines At Night – The Primrose

September 30th, 2014

I really want to plant a garden next year, but not just an ordinary garden, a wonderful garden that will be full of not only interesting plant life, but useful in a variety of ways as well. It will take me some time to figure it all out with all of the choices that I keep running across online. I’m starting to make a list and have all ready drawn out some of my ideas and of course I’ve had to start a new File Folder in my Favorites for all the sites that I’m starting to need to bookmark.

I really like this Evening Primrose that takes center stage when the sun starts heading down. They are favorites of butterflies, bees and birds with their big cup shaped beauties in shades of white, pink or white that open wide each evening. Now how cool is that, isn’t she purdy?

pretty primroses

Evening Primrose

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