Time Is Flying Right By

Hard to believe that Halloween will be here soon, I’m so sad to see the summer come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, the fall weather will be a welcomed change of pace from all of the horrible heat we have had to deal with this summer, but with the coming of fall means that winter is right around the corner and I just hate the winter. Besides the cold weather and the snow and everything that goes along with all of that, it also means that Christmas will be here before we know it. Funny how when we are kids it seemed that Christmas never got here quick enough and when we get older it seems to get here quicker and quicker with each coming year.

Anyways, this year I really want to buy a new Halloween costume so I have been looking around on the Internet to see what I  can come up with before all the good Sexy Halloween Costumes are sold out. I find it interesting that there are so many celebrity costumes out there this year. I see that they even have costumes of the Jersey Shore cast, now who would have thought?

Going Green, Down Under………………

As you know I enjoy surfing the World Wide Web. It fascinates me so to be able to peek into other worlds, people’s lives and their towns and some times their country as well, business and personnel alike. The Internet has quite a few great translation agencies that come in handy, when needed. I prefer looking into things that are basically some how close enough in our language, you know places from the U.K and Australia they are the easiest and I usually enjoy reading about what is going on there.

The one site that I was looking into was one of their waste management services that is committed to resource recovery and recycling in Australia. I’m a total recycling advocate and am always looking into companies that recycle. When I Googled “Facilities Management Sydney” I came up with veoliaes dot com and found I had a bit of time so that I had an interesting read on what they are doing for our Mother Earth and being as green as they can down under.

I was glad to see that they just recently started their “Clean Up and Out for the New Year” urging to get people to call and talk to them about the range of skip bins that they have available for their customers, to make recycling even easier than it is all ready. If you are provided a bin to put your cans and glass jars in and a bin to put your paper products in then what else needs to be done in order to get your recyclables to where they need to be to be recycled.

I know that I want my kids and grandchildren to live in a clean world. One with trees, water and fresh air. By golly I’m going to do what I can to make sure that they have these things, it’s all good!

recycling forever

Forever Recycling

Missed My Show Again

I’ve been waiting all week long for10:00  Friday night to come along so that I could watch my favorite TV show “Pit Bulls & Parolees” that comes on The Animal Planet. At 9:45 the phone rang and I got sucked into a conversation that lasted well after 11:00pm, so I once again missed my fav show. This is the 3rd week in a row that I’ve missed it for one reason or another. But at least I will possibly catch it on the reruns at some point!

my favorite tv show

Pitbulls & Parolees

Red Hats!

I have a sister who belongs to the Red Hat Sociey and has been having a blast with all of her lady friends that have to be at least 50 years old to join this sisterhood and be able to wear the purple clothing along with the sporting of some type of hat that is the color of red.

She is always inviting me to come along to one of their monthly adventures and I have gone a few times and enjoyed myself, they are all very nice and have interesting and funny stories to share with one another and they do have some fun things lined up in the future that I will try and attend.

The “Queen Bee” is already trying to recruit me into their chapter and I keep trying to assure her that when the times comes and I am eligible to join, that I will gladly join up with them. I still have quite a ways to go, it seems that when you hit your 40’s you can join as some type of junior type member and you have to wear lavender clothing with a pink hat! I’m too young to even wear those colors, but my time will come and it will be a great way to make sure that I see my sister at least once a month and have some fun at the same time.

Legitimate Complaints and Their Toll-Free Numbers

I love that you can call and give a legitimate complaint to a company about a problem with a product, by using their toll-free 800 numbers that are usually somewhere on the product. You need to provide them with the bar code info and the expiration date and any other pertinent information that they need off of the product’s packaging, along with the store that you purchased it at.

I have had a few problems lately with a few food items and have called and they have been very nice, the best customer service to date I have to say.  Each time I have been sent a nice letter of apology and a few coupons for future purchases, which is always a nice touch. I’m a nice consumer but tough on customer service, I deserve the best of service for the prices that I have to pay for things.

The only ones that I have had problems with were products from Food Lion that are the Food Lion products. The two times that I called they wanted all of the required information only to be told that if I wasn’t happy with the product to take it back to the store for a refund, even though I didn’t have the receipt any more! Right, good luck getting a refund without a receipt these days, especially from a grocery store.