Sock Monkey Not Appreciated By All Americans

The sock monkey of Barack Obama, several years ago, was so cute, and the fact that everyone screaming racist is like way over-reacting. Too bad the Binkley Toy Company buckled under to the pressure and had to stop producing it. I’d love to be able to get my hands on one of them, I’ll have to look around and see where might be some.

The mistake the toy company made was in just making this one toy mocking Obama. What they should have done is made a stuffed toy to make fun of McCain, too. It would have been easy to do. I think of McCain as an old, bedraggled rooster missing feathers and half blind, stomping around the barnyard crowing in a raspy voice. That shouldn’t be hard to come up with.

obama sock monkey

Sock Monkey For President

Kitchen Drawers

Last night my sister was complaining that her son and husband both seem to enjoy opening the kitchen drawer that holds the silverware and not closing it when they are done. It seems like such a simple motion, I just can’t understand why anyone would choose not to do it. What makes it worse is that this drawer is directly under the counter space that is used for eating while standing and watching the T.V. since the T.V. is on in their house for almost 24/7 that is a lot of pieces and crumbs of food dropping into this drawer that really needs to be kept clean as much as possible.

I told her that they make drawers that close with just the slightest nudge and that I thought it would be a great idea to install one in that particular drawer, if not all of them while they are at it. I even sent her an email that all she had to do was click on the key words drawer slide guide here and find all the information that she would need to partake in this task.

Her response totally caught me off guard. She responded by telling me that neither her husband nor her son would consider giving this drawer a nudge in order to have it close completely. Now that is lazy. I give up. You can lead a horse to water but you certainly can’t make it drink.

kitchen drawers

Ultimate Guide To Drawer Sliding

Clifford Teaches Children Community

My sister’s kids, ages 9, 7, and 5 years of age have been watching Clifford the Big Red Dog for many years. Clifford is a program I trust, and teaches them many valuable life-long lessons of importance. With personalities such as Clifford himself, to Jorge and Daffodil, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a fun and exciting educational cartoon series. The show is highly community-based, and one thing I have noticed from the kids’ viewing of the series is that they recognize public officials and know to trust them, as if the show ingrained in them a sense of security around them.

I have even heard the five year old exclaim to a police officer, “you wear a badge just like the one in Clifford.” The show itself teaches children to be not only active physically, but shows them the importance of taking a role in your community. It has shown them how various public servants perform on their jobs and given them a respect for these positions and why they are key to building strong communities.

To me, Clifford has become an invaluable educational tool, and it is quite fun for the children to watch and enjoy, and holds their attention well. Clifford the Big Red Dog is on multiple times throughout the day and evening, as we all have Satellite TV  and can get it throughout the various networks that play the series.

a boy and his big dog

Clifford The Big Red Dog!

My Guitar For Christmas

It was either the Epiphone Hummingbird or the MF Martin guitar that I had my eyes on for Christmas this past year and since the Epiphone Hummingbird wasn’t available it came down to the MR Martin guitar that I was presented with on Christmas Day past. I have been trying my best to learn how to play the darned thing on my own, but I’m thinking that I really need some lessons to get me started.

There is a music store in town that offers guitar lessons and I found a coupon that I use for the first class that I won’t get charged for. So what the heck, I love free and if I don’t think these are lessons for me than I can always just – not go back. There are a ton of websites online that teach people how to play all kinds of musical instruments that I guess I can always check out.  But I believe I would do better with a real life teacher in the long run.

As much as I made of getting a guitar Christmas if I don’t learn how to play the darned thing I will never hear the end of it for years to come. Am now even considering purchasing a psu universal login that I have eyeballing online on the Musician’s Friend’s site. A good deal for $20. Since I just got back my tax refund check I am able to pick up a few things here and there, but I have to try and stretch it out as long as possible, as I do each and every tax year.

slimline power and cost

Live Wire PH1700 9V Slimline Power Supply Regular


Rainbow Memories and Issues

It seems that things aren’t so peachy or rosy in Rainbow City down Alabama way. Sounds kinda kooky but it is late and I’ve spent the last couple of hours just casually cruising around the Internet and I’ve come across a lot of information that is becoming a bit boggled in my brain at this point.

But back to Rainbow City, well in a round about way sorta kinda. My favorite all time movie is The Wizard of Oz and due to this early fascination with everything about the movie, especially rainbows. My room used to be filled with My Little Ponies and Rainbows and I know every word to the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and sang it many times at family events before I turned into my tween years and didn’t know any better. LOL

So while mindlessly surfing I ran across the words home security rainbowcity it hit a nerve while sounding just a bit ironic and sad at the same time to see that a city that sounds so wonderful has to worry about any type of security issue. I hope I’m not sounding crazy at this point, it is now just a bit after midnight and I really have no business typing anything that anyone will be reading any time soon, but what the heck. When I’m done here maybe I can find The Wizard of Oz on one of many movie channels that I have going on with my Direct TV subscription. I still get goose bumps (the good kind) when Dorothy lands in Oz and everything changes from black and white into all the colors of the rainbow and every color in-between, it is so beautiful and enchanting! The bad kind of goose bumps come into play when all those creepy flying monkeys come into the picture, nasty critters they are.