Baby It’s Cold Outside

Today is the coldest day of Spring, (today is the first day of Spring) the thermometer that is placed outside my kitchen window tells me that it is 22 degrees out, ugh. We really have been lucky this past winter, while most of the country has been dealing with major snow storms that keep slamming them every time they turn around, but we have barely seen a dusting or two, which has been so nice!

cold day in spring

First Day of Spring

Pavarotti on You Tube

I grew up listening to a wide variety of music that my parents listened to. I just love You Tube. I’ve found so many wonderful music videos to listen to and watch while I’m online. Check out this wonderful piece by Luciano, Pavarotti and Sting, it’s awesome and for some reason I just can’t get enough of it today!

Breakfast Foods For Dinner Time

Once in a while, the I will make breakfast foods to be served for dinner. I enjoy the change of menu. Sausage, bacon, pancakes or french toast, it’s all good and appreciated once in a while. I don’t generally enjoy a hot breakfast, even the weekends keeps me too busy to enjoy sitting down in the morning, what a bummer, but I don’t think that unusual in these times!

dinner for breakfast

Breakfast Food For Dinner

Zicam, Works For Me

I am so glad that my sister recommended using Zicam Gel Swabs at the first sign of feeling like I’m getting sick, such as those nasty cold symptoms, stuffy nose, soar throat, sneezing, coughing & congestion. I have been using it faithfully for 3 years now and have handed out, I don’t know how many samples, for friends and family to try.

They are not cheap by any means but worth every penny if it keeps me from getting full blown sick, I can’t afford taking any time off of work because of cold symptoms. If I take off of work, I want it to be for something good, fun and/or positive. Of course I always get my flu shot as soon as they become available, getting the flu just isn’t an option right now.


Zicam for The Pre-Cold

Women’s Boots, Always A Challenge For Me

Owning a pair of comfortable boots for women has always been a challenge for me to find and wear. If you know me at all you know that I have always been on the slender side, always trying to put and keep on 5 or 10 pounds which can be a real struggle time and time again. My legs are no different than the rest of my body, for most of my life I was called stick legs and the song “Skinny Legs and All” by Joe Tex back in 1967 made a big come back in my middle school years. Some one even managed to get the D.J. at one of our school dances, to play this comical hit song, and the whole gym (dances were always held in the gym) just roared over that one and that particular prank didn’t make my skinny legs any more popular with the guys and/or girls back then, but at least it kept my name fresh in people’s memories and on the tips of more than one persons tongue.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten off topic, once again. My skinny legs made it nearly impossible to find boots that fit both my feet and my legs. Even with wearing thick socks, along with a pair of leg warmers didn’t make them able to stay up for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Once in a while I will see a pair of boots that advertise being made for slender legs, but I have never had the opportunity to try on a pair, much less owned and worn some personally. Thank goodness I finally filled out some after high school. I am still considered slender (I hate the word skinny) but at least my boots stay up and my doctor is happy with my weight. In a world that is filling up quickly with obese people I guess I should consider myself lucky in that area.