Jackson Electric Guitar

What girlie girl wouldn’t want one of these Jackson Pro dinky DK2QM Electric Guitars, especially when it comes in such a great color like Pink!  And right now they are 27% off, which is a decent amount of savings to take advantage of. I’ve been wanting a new guitar for a good long while now. I just got my income tax refund deposited into my checking account and believe that I just might splurge and get this wonderful piece of equipment that I would love to make beautiful music with.

blonde or pink

Jackson Pro Dinky DK2QM Electric Guitar

It Isn’t Just Mother’s Secret Recipe The She Relies On!

Mom, you must have had your red cape seriously hidden way deep somewhere because we all played hide and secret in the house and your closet was one of my favorite hiding places. But then again, when hiding it wouldn’t be wise to turn the light one!

that's how she does it all

Super Mom!

Reviews To Loan Me and You Money

One thing about coming from a large family is that there is usually someone I can turn to for their opinion, get a referral, or ask for assistance or some reviews for just about anything that one can need or come up with in this crazy messed up world. I feel sorry for my BFF who is an only child and the few relatives that she has had have been dying off and there isn’t very many of them left for her to turn to. What a horrible feeling that must be for some folks, at least my BFF has a lot of good friends and most of my family think of her as family since we have been BFFs since the 2nd grade and spent more time at our house than her own back then.

The economy has been in the toilet for way more years than anyone ever thought it would be, the reality of it all has really sunk in, all the while people are still losing their jobs, their houses, their families, their car, trucks, vans, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, dirt bikes, snow mobiles, tractors, their RVs as well as a lot of their heavy equipment, like back hoes, snow plows, sanders, and the like. Our road sides are still littered with all of these types (and much, much more) of various vehicles and modes of transportation with For Sale signs propped up beside them, people desperate for cash.

And places much like LoanMe are doing a rapid business in loaning folks money. Even with the worst credit history/record it appears that there are ways and means for people to borrow money, of course nothing comes along without a price tag.

Simple Drawings

I’ve always loved to draw and paint – I remember coloring on my grandmother’s front porch as young as four years old. My mother would keep me occupied for hours with a new coloring box and a box of crayons. As I got older she would sometimes buy a paint by number kit and I would spend hours working on those, too.

When I wanted to learn how to draw the figures on my own, she got me some of the Dover children’s books. They had step by step instructions on how to create line drawings of animals, flowers and toys. I loved those books but haven’t seen any of them for YEARS! So I was very surprised when I went into the local Borders Books and happened to be browsing around the back of the book store when I came across an entire rack of Dover Chidlren’s Books! It was such a surprise and a very nice discovery to find that they are still in print and being sold in stores.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

I have not had a lot of time to get the place ready for the entire summer season scene and I fear that I will never get it done the way that I would like it to because I am running out of time. I usually have the place basically decorated and organized by this time of the month and I’m not really sure why I am struggling so hard this year. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time nor do I have the energy as I used to have.

What I really want to do is get my carpets cleaned. I’ve gone online to and looked up some carpet cleaning tips to see if they had something that I wasn’t familiar with all ready. I’ve used The Steam Team before and I’ve always been happy with their service and their advice on many cleaning issues that I’ve dealt with over the years, even before I moved in here.

But I think what I will do is go ahead and have them come out and get the carpets done by them, nothing like having them done by professionals. I really hate doing them myself and I’ve got so many other things that need tending do,